IELTS Listening: The Olympics, FIFA, and why we love sports: Crash Course

Now “sports” is a pretty broad genre of game, which probably couldn’t even be covered in an entire series, but today we’re going to do our best to look at the origins of sports as they trace their histories back the Olympics (and even a little earlier), and look at how the rise of national pride and gaming communities has led us to the cultural behemoth of the FIFA World Cup. It’s a lot to cover, but we’re going to do our best to answer the big question for you non-sports-loving-gamers out there along the way: why do we love sports anyway?

IELTS Listening: What Does Your Name Say About You?

Names are more than just words. Certain letters and phonetic sounds seem to carry a visual and conceptual weight to them. In a future where more interactions take place across social networking sites, names could become incredibly important. So as we learn more about the scientific effects of names, maybe we need a better science of naming.

IELTS Listening: How Much Does It Cost To Run For President?

Wanna become a US President? Well, there’s a big difference between running for President and actually winning the election. So how much money will you need to have a decent shot at being Commander-in-Chief?


14 English expressions about SLEEP

In this lesson, you will learn some of the most common expressions about sleep, such as ‘toss and turn’, ‘hit the sack’, ‘get some shuteye’, ‘sleep in’, and many more. You will learn how to talk about sleeping well and sleeping poorly.

University English: Expressions and Vocabulary

Interested in college or university? In this fun lesson, you’ll learn common expressions to talk about studying in university. You’ll learn vocabulary by hearing a story about a student’s real-life experience in university. Even if you’re not going to university, you’ll often hear these English expressions in movies and on television. These terms are also really important to learn if you’re going to be taking the IELTS or TOEFL. Don’t miss out on this conversational lesson, so that you can talk about university life just like a native English speaker!